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Any day above ground is a good day!

Posted on: September 27, 2010

Remember whatever you are experiencing relating to the challenges of life, someone is in worse shape than you. Yes, any day above groud is a good day – whether you have to cry or not. And you will (as I do) have to cry in this life. You and I have a gift – it is called the present! Use your present today. Never run out of GAS – God’s Awesome Spirit! Stop being acting like God is not real and HE didn’t send his son JESUS to save us from ALL of OUR SINS!!! Do you have extravagant praise? Do you go to worship and look at others worshipping and you do nothing? Read John 12:1-10 and see how Mary was the only one worshipping Jesus while the others were doing what they felt was more important than worship. Lazarus, Simon, Judas, Martha and the disciples were all present. Each of them had witness a miracle from Jesus – but only Mary was worshiping. I can truly say that I have been in worship experiences where folks just “look at me” as I may be the only one giving praise. But you must understand this one thing about Daria (since Jesus came into my life 9.17.77)  – I have an audience of ONE and it is to that ONE that I offer my best praise and my Extravagant Worship!!! Thank you Rev. Dr. Chad A. White, Sr. for that WORD today 1.31.16!!!


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