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“Happy New Year” How’s that working 4 U?

Posted on: January 21, 2011

I do wish you all a Powerful, Purposeful, and Prosperous New Year! And as I listen to the general “Happy New Year” well wishes and/or well wishers, I ponder to think if we are by default going to bring into the new year of 2011 – what did not work for us in the previous years.

I know I had to really get to the core and no more – of that statement as it relates to DARIA and discover whether I was doing just that. But it was not until I took the time to be honest and patient with myself that I discovered I was! I realize I need to ask GOD and believe HIS promises MORE so that I don’t drag negative and heavy I might add – baggage into my new year and renewed life.

I need new luggage – spiritual luggage that is – because I purposefully plan to take back ALL the enemy, the devil, satan, has taken from me (and mine) and that which I have just given away. 

I just wanted you my friends, my readers – to really know this is your season, my season – a season of change and rearrange, a season of reveal and heal, a season of, let go, Let GOD.

Happy New Year” How’s that working 4 U?

Daria Dillard Stone – Sharing Ministries


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