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A Problem Perceived – A Purpose Achieved

Posted on: May 11, 2011

Daria Dillard Stone

Sharing Ministries

You ever wondered “why me Lord?” Sure WE DO, it is natural but as you mature in God’s Word, Way and Will, you change that question to “why not me Lord?” In order to be a testimony we MUST have a TEST and another test and so on and so forth!!

I want to encourage you today and in doing so encourage and empower me – Daria – the Servant – the mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, cousin, neighbor, friend, co-worker, church member – THE SERVANT…We must remember that we are going to have problems, but it is how we perceive the problems that determine how we acheive our purpose – this is ife. I have learned this in the last 30 years dealing with my wonderful mother who deals with mental illness, but loves the Lord and her 7 children so much it actually hurts.

The fact that I have been able to go deep within myself and ask God to show me why and then grow to respond why not – I have learned that the treasure that GOD has put in me is/was buried very, VERY deep in my pain. I am clear of my purpose but I still don’t like pain – do you? I can however, thank GOD for being a keeper  I mean A Real KEEPER.

Stay in the FOG – Favor Of God and remember:  A Problem Perceived – A Purpose Achieved.

Jeremiah 29:11     Colossians 3:23

DIRT is my favorite, it is my testimony

When people or life throws DIRT on you - plant flowers in it!!!


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I love You Lord, don’t understand all you are doing but I sure love YOU MORE each day. I was created to worship and praise and my life is an adventure, I am discovering a person you already knew I’d become, Life is beautiful because HE LIVES!!! and HE LIVES in me. Let me do my happy dance…join me world!!!

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