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The Chatter Don’t Matter!

Posted on: June 5, 2011

Listening to this song by Mary Mary called “Dirt” I realize how the Good Lord has shown me I nee the storms in my life to fully appreciate the sunshine! I want to share something with you!

So often the gifts that we have within us are overwhelming for various reasons. mostly because WE don’t believe we have those gifts and we allow others to affirm that lie. Some of the reasons/excuses/lie we use as humans are as  follows:

I am not that smart, I come from a “whatever kind of family, ” my track record in life is not perfect, how can GOD use me?” or I don’t like who I am how can GOD love me?”

Well, being a person who realizes how gossip (NOT GOSPEL) creates negative circumstances because we give folks too much power  OR can stunt our growth (spiritual and otherwise), health, wealth and life period, I want to shout and tell you “THE CHATTER DON”T MATTER” because in James 1:1-4 it explains what we are to do with the CHATTERS, CHALLENGES (you read it for yourself) also in Psalm 27 it encourages us not to fear for our strength from the SOURCE is what keeps us. And don’t forget Romans 8 – we are not the same, all of the chatter was to help the matter, not hurt – but it does HURT yall – I would not lie to you.

You have greatness in you, your greatness  is not mine and mine is not yours, don’t try to be what you are not. Do be all that GOD says you are and read the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth in order to get the road map to JOY – Jesus Opening You.  Because The Chatter Don’t Matter!

Daria Dillard Stone

Sharing Ministries



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