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Can we talk? That has been a loaded question for many. Most times when one is asked that question, THEY DON’T want to talk. I thank GOD for the gift of communication HE has given me (one of many gifts He has given and trusted me with). Being a widow I have learned to speak over and ENCOURAGE MYSELF as I DO or would others….no don’t get spooky – this is real talk.

If there is a challenge with someone in your family, work, church, ANYWHERE – at least try to talk about it – and definitely PRAY about it – if you want to resolve it. The Bible instructs us to live peaceabe with all men if humanly possible (you find out where it is in the Bible.)  Why do we pick who we want to be kind too, who died and made us GOD?

Have you ever had an experience where someone treats you bad, and then one day they have the audacity to NEED you – and you help them? How did/does that feel? Can we Talk? For me it did not feel right or good AT FIRST, but then I talked to God and HE spoke to me. We have to keep loving others when loving others HURTS us (my Pastor Chad A. White Sr. preached that and I have never forgot “when loving you is hurting me.)

Well don’t want to share too much too fast. Just think about what people really see when they watch you, more importantly WHAT DO YOU SEE when you watch yourself  – Can We Talk.

Please listen to the SCM Christian Web Radio for a segment I host entitled Family Matters – Can We Talk? go to Stay in the FOG – Favor Of God!!!

Daria Dillard Stone

Sharing Ministries



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