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Getting Clean in Dirty Water (thank U my Pastor Chad A. White, Sr.)

Posted on: August 8, 2011

Man is always in conflict with the process of being Holy vs being Human, you never hear about fish fighting within themselves about whether or not to swim or a cow in conflict with the decision whether to moo or cackle. But man on the other hand once we decide to give our lives/self to to Jesus Christ, the son of GOD, the warfare is on. Being a Christian is not easy – however, I have never in my life heard the process of getting clean for Christ explained as it was today in Worship at Mt. Carmel M.B. Church – where my Pastor preached about “Getting Clean in Dirty Water” II Kings 5:1-15 is is where his scripture was taken from.

It is amazing how we don’t want to admit the things we had to go through in order for the Lord to clean us up and some of that cleaning occurred in “dirty water” as it relates to concept. Pastor White  gave the example (from a human perspective) of siblings back in the day taking a bath and only one bath water was ran for all to enjoy. I can relate because often times the boys took a bath together and the girls did as well to save on the water bill…with 5-7 kids in our family my parents were not going to run the tub full 5-7 times.  That water was dirty after just one person bathed in it yet, when the next got in, you were clean by the time you got out…go figure.

Although Naaman a captain of the host of the King of Syria, was a great man with his master and honorable because by him the Lord had given deliverance unto Syria; he was also a mighty man in valour but he was a leper – II Kings 5:1

It did not matter how wealthy, popular, strong, well known Naaman was, he was a leper. Listen up – it doesn’t matter how sharp, smart, degreed, rich, popular, strong YOU or I am – we are SINNERS…we need cleansing.  In order to cut through this message my pastor gave I ask you to study the versus I have shared to get the full picture and understand this process of Getting Clean in Dirty Water!

Naaman well known, was a leper (lepers were isolated from everyone – doesn’t sin do that?)  he had a wife, the wife had a maid, the maid was instrumental in sharing how Naaman could be healed if he went to see the PROPHET (that’s the preacher yall), instead a letter was written to take to the King of Israel asking him to heal Naaman. The letter in summary stated “will you heal and restore Naaman of leprosy great King?” The king of Israel read the letter and got upset – like who do you think I am to ask me to heal a leper (man can’t heal us from our sin issues – neithter can stuff). The King of Israel took this to mean ” you must want to a fight” for he ripped his clothes and in my Holy of minds I can imagine the King ranting  & cursing and talking about how he is gonna get whoever had the audacity of asking this King of Israel to heal a stinking, low down leper! 

There was a prohet named Elisha that got the 411 about the situation, he finally was able to tell Naaman to go down to the Jordan river and dip 7 times and be cleaned of his leperosy. I am sure Naaman thought “what sense  does that make?” Remember Gods’ ways are not ours and HE will use the preacher to instruct us as we also study ourselves.  Naaman finally did what Elisha the prophet/preacher instructed and was able to get clean in dirty water. HE WAS HEALED and became BRAND NEW, TRANSFORMED….that is good news to the sinner and what an illustration of trusting and obeying, even when we don’t understand!

If you are going through a struggle (or when you go through a struggle) or you are as transparent as I am and recognize you need to reveal it in order for GOD to heal it, remember the place where you are in life right now may be dirty but GOD can clean you up right in that place of filth, confusion, back biting, unemployment, divorce, death, sickness – yes all of that can be considered the dirty water of life – we all go through it.  

I pray that you comprehend what I am sharing – I am merely trying to encourage you as I encourage ME to know that Everything will be alright – the blood that Jesus shed for me (and you) still works. We will be asked to DO some crazy things to the human mind in order to “get clean” from our leprosy/sin. Remember this story about Naaman, as you and I are “Getting Clean in Dirty Water.”

Because I care, I share 

Daria Dillard Stone

Sharing Ministries


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