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FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real

Posted on: September 2, 2011

I once heard someone give the definition of fear as: Negatives that are developed in the dark. I agreed. Never heard it put quite that way and it made me ponder about my own fear(s). Yes, they were negatives that were developed in the dark – dark places in my past or those I am presently dealing with. None of us like to face our fears – well I am sure there are exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking WE DON’T LIKE TO FACE OUR FEARS (in my MaDea voice).

I wanted to share some insights with you today and also minister to myself as I share. If we don’t face our fears our FEARS will always be facing us. Are you fearful of getting out of your comfort zone and start doing what you know you want to do but feel you need approval from others to get it done? Well I use to be like that. I remember Peter being so brave initially trying to get to JESUS when He was walking on the waters, the other disciples stayed in “the boat” but Peter was determined to see if that was his JESUS. However as he started walking on the water his carnal mind kicked in and reminded him “you can’t do this” and then he started sinking. JESUS rescued him and asked him “what happened to your faith – why did you start doubting?”  We need to get away from the “other disciples” sometimes and get out of the boat and go where the HOLY SPIRIT is leading us – doing it alone if necessary….thank you for that Lord!

So often I have done that – yes believe or not I have – start out with so much zeal, enthusiasm and energy adhering to the call GOD has on my life and then I feel myself sinking. I am so used to having an entourage, my children, husband, parents, dear friends – encouraging me along the way. But now I am at a crossroad in my life where I must continually encourage myself and I have NOT perfected that yet. So as I keep it real with myself, I wanted to also be transparent with everyone that reads this blog.

FEAR – is truly False Evidence Appearing Real. Yes, it may be valid that you don’t have a job, you have a illness/sickness, you were abused in some way as a child/adult, you are a widow, you are struggling with your sexuality, you are a racist, you are a negative person – oh I could go on and on.  That is evidence appearing real = ear.  That is what your mind is taking in through your ears. But when we renew our Minds (Read Romans 12 all of it) – we are reminded to ask GOD to renew our minds each day, not sometimes. AND HE WILL!!! I am a witness

When we add the F to EAR – it becomes FEAR. In short baby (and I am talking to me as well) get all those false messages out of your ear and renew your mind…it is time for you to know GOD loves you and knows what HE has already planned for yours and my life. FACE YOUR FEAR & FIGHT FOR YOUR FUTURE!

FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real…but that is not the end

Daria Dillard Stone

Sharing Ministries


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I was never saved to sit – use me to your Glory Lord, no matter how I feel, or what is going on in my life. Send me I’ll GO…final answer

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