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Mercy in the Midst of Mess!revised 11.22.15

Posted on: November 8, 2011

Once my pastor Chad A. White, Sr. (Mt. Carmel M.B. Church) preached on a sermon he entitled “Finding Mercy in the Midst of Your Mess – I have never forgot that sermon. Allow me to share with you. Put your name in the blank “Finding Mercy in the Midst of Daria’s Mess” now walk with me. Remember I will never give you something to chew on that I have never digested.

The scripture was John 8: 1-11 which tells the story about the woman who was caught in the very act of adultery by the Scribes & Pharisees. This was the holier than thou group – are you one of them? Anyway, these men were always judging and criticizing others – they knew the laws of the church, but they did not practice the love of the church. You see they were in the building of believers but not in the body of believers. They considered themselves superior or better than others. They were stuck up, arrogant – some were more educated than others and they truly believed their on hype. Yes – they were “church folk!” and they are still here with us today. Honestly, I have been guilty of being a “church folks.”

The sermon certainly did make me reflect back over my life. Most of the suffering we go through is self inflicted!  It’s not so much that Satan is making us sin, we like sin. But it is more that we are not “fully dressed” and you know you can “catch/get” something if you and I are not “fully dressed.” We will feed our flesh, our emotions but we are malnutritioned when it comes to feeding our spiritual man. Why do we have such scarce attendance at prayer meetings in our churches?  That’s where the POWER is..and man don’t fast and pray – you talking about Super Natural!!! Well let me stay on point here….getting excited!

Jesus showed mercy to the woman who was being accused of her sin – remember how the men “her accusers” made a quick getaway when Jesus started writing in the sand? No one “really knows” what Jesus wrote, but as my Pastor stated “it could have been Matt. 5:28  “But I say unto you, that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her have committed adultery with her already in his heart.” BTW why were the Pharisees/Scribes in the same location as the woman “who was in the act,” and WHERE WAS THE MAN SHE ALLEGEDLY WAS “ACTING” WITH? Why didn’t they publicly judge the man? Inquiring minds just want to know.

Jesus died for our sins, not some of them but all of them. There is nothing we have done that is too bad for GOD to forgive. Jesus  hates the sin but He is loves the sinner….don’t ever forget that people. Jesus showed mercy in the midst of the her mess. As believers we must read the WORD for ourselves and not take verses out of context to fit our need or justify our sin to say what we want. The whole Bible is for the whole Body of Believers.

Pastor gave an illustration that was just awesome. He told a story of a family who were home one day and the mom was cooking and dad was trying to watch a good game on TV while attending to the young child in his/her play pen. Each time the baby cried, the dad would attempt to go pick it up so he could hear the game. The wife said “no leave the darling in there – he/she has to learn they can’t have his/her way. About the 3rd or 4th time the baby yelled and the mom repeatedly told the dad the same thing. The father was com-passionate because he just couldn’t bear hearing his child cry, and cry and cry. He thought “she told me not to get the baby out of the pen, but she never said I couldn’t get in the pen with the baby.” Has God ever got in the “Pen” with you when you couldn’t get out?” GOD is with us! In the midst of our Mess, GOD will sometimes leave us “in the  pen but He will be with us until the end.” HE is compassionate, merciful to stay with us while we are there.  Thank GOD for taking our mess and making it our good news “message.” Then He can take our message and turn it into a “Ministry.” Mercy in the Midst of Mess! I am so glad God didn’t leave me where HE found me. Aren’t YOU?

Because I care, I share!

Daria Dillard Stone, The Servant

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