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It’s a New Year – Now What?

Posted on: January 2, 2012

Happy New Year – yes God allowed each of us  to see the beginning of 2012. Came through some rough patches to say the least – I know I did. It’s a New Year – Now What? Were we able to rid ourselves of some of the following:

Old: hurts, lies, relationships, pain, fears

I am certain we have carried some “old baggage” into this year that really won’t be advantageous for our future or our present. I want to say please try harder than ever to walk in the purpose you were created to fulfill. Forgive those who hurt you in the past because there will be new ones as long as you have breath. Minimize the time we/you spend on trying to figure out “how could she/he say they did do that to me when I was a child.” Or “why did I have to have this illness when I have taken good care of myself.” Or “I was loyal to my employer – why did I have to be terminated.”

Questions and more questions we will bring into the New Year – right? There is a answer to the questions, but I won’t try to answer them in this communication – your journey is different from mine yet – we are traveling, we are walking – whether fast or slow, high or low.  You are more than what you see today and/or what others say. So I want to encourage you and fuel your faith because I know your are valuable and you are a victor not a victim.  Keep going, keep struggling, keep laughing and crying, just keep living – It’s a New Year – Now What?




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