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Warning: BIBLE Usage Can Be Habit Forming!

Posted on: January 4, 2012

Looking back over my life I realize how often I’d feel defeated even cheated; weak and worthless. It was basically because I wanted God’s Blessings but I did not want the burdens of “pressing toward the mark” which is mandatory for any Believer. Yes I wanted the perks without the works (I heard someone say that – I was convicted). I wonder if I am talking/speaking to anyone out there…SURE I AM.  Walking in the newness of life is an exciting exercise, a constant commitment to change the old and become the new. If I were a physician I would prbably write something like the following regarding “Warning: Bible Usage Can Be Habit Forming.

Prescriptures (Scriptures) have unlimited refills – see some of the instructions in: Matthew 19:26, Romans 8:1, Jeremiah 29:11, Isaiah 30:1, Psalm 23, Psalm 27:1, Revelation 1:8

Regular Reading can cause less anxiety, fear, envy, lying, coveting and backbiting – to name a few. It Decreases desires mentioned above. Also it decreases doubt, self destructive behavior and our tendencies to carry bondage from our past

Continued Usage (reading/meditating on the Word) will reveal the following: more love, joy, peace, compassion, commitment to building God’s Kingdom by acknowledging HIM in all you do. If you don’t feel relief/healing immediately, continue to Praise in the midst of your “sickness/trials” and P.U.S.H. – Pray Until Something Happens. Side Effects: real forgiveness, fortified faith, genuine fellowship/worship, moving ministries, unconditional love.    


Because I care, I share!


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