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Posted on: May 2, 2012

Read James 1 – All of it for it reminds us that trouble is NECESSARY in our lives to grow and mature us in GOD’S WORD, WILL and WAY!!! I FINALLY GOT IT!!!

So often we pray and plead with GOD to deliver us from the enemy – don’t we? Today a dear friend and spiritual daughter of mine gave me a revelation unlike I have ever had. First the Lord had put in my spirit (because I have been in spiritual warfare – which is an indicator I being successful at helping to build God’s Kingdom) “Daria, you have been practicing in private what I will perfect in public.” I still get amazed that God would want to use me – me and my imperfections! But when my friend texted me and thanked me for the teaching GOD had given me to share in our Womens Bible Study – she indicated “God is gonna see me through and deliver me from the INA ME!” I thought WOW, she has no idea how that hit my spirit.  For God had done EXACTLY that n my life – and the process is continuous!!!

You see I had to believe that very thing or else I would never have been the Woman of God that I am BECOMING (it is ongoing folks, don’t ever think you are all that & a bag of communion bread). Realizing I am nothing without God, yet unlimited in potential WITH GOD! I then pondered over my life and remembered how often I’d pray for God to deliver me from the enemy when I REALLY needed deliverance from ME…Daria! My deceased husband Todd – helped me so much in realizing that very truth. I finally GOT IT!!

In spite of what I was afraid of doing or being, I pressed my way “while the INA ME was afraid” and I accomplished alot being afraid, being rejected and being mis-understood. But God through people and/or circumstances kept showing me “it is time – for your future will be better than your past (Jeremiah 29:11).”

The INA ME on the other hand always would “interrupt my blessings to give me burdens” by reminding me what I was or wasn’t – what I could or couldn’t do (and other humans helped in this area as well); how folks especially “church folks” won’t like or understand the plans GOD has just for me; and the INA ME would always try (and often succeed) to talk me out of doing God’s work….”It don’t take all of that” I’d think/say. I FINALLY GOT IT!  For I have been through too much and CAME THROUGH TOO MUCH to let the INA ME have anymore power, authority, influence over the real ME – the real me knows REAL JOY – JESUS OPENING YOU!!

Read Romans 11:29 KJV “For the gifts and calling of God are unchangeable. NIT says it this way: For God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable.” So no matter what the INA ME thought, sought (for I was not seeking GOD he came after me), gave or got, it was that INA ME most times that just did not BELEIVE GOD wanted to use me. BUT I FINALLY GOT IT! My misery has become my ministry, my pain has materilized into God’s gain, which makes it my gain as well. My INA ME gave people too much power – I have taken that back. My INA ME was on auto pilot, I did not need the Enemy/Satan/The Devil to block my path – my INA ME would not allow GOD to order my steps…so I stumbled, I fumbled, I even crumbled.

Who, or What is making you be an ineffective Kingdom Builder? Why, or When did you realize it was the INA ME (YOU) – and not the ENEMY? Do you realize that the GIANT(S) in your life can be conquered? In the name of JESUS – your INA ME must get under your feet!

I am praying I have helped you realize that in order for the Body of Christ to Be & uild the Body of Christ – we must face the INA ME. I did, I do and I will.

Thank you daughter/friend for that profound revelation. I FINALLY GOT IT!

Note: Please attend Bible Study, Sunday School, Prayer Meeting for that is where the real church gets its POWER to move into its PURPOSE (and we are the church)

Other Scriptures to pray on: Romans 8: 28-30; Ephesians 1:18


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