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New Places N Your Mind

Posted on: June 17, 2012

ImageThere is a book I am reading called  “THE OUTSIDER” – The Interviews – A new Generation Speaks Out on Christianity. The book is written by 3 Spiritual Anthropoligist named Jim Henderson, Todd Hunter and Craig Spinks with foreword by David Kinnaman. It is a DVB – DVD with a book…new concerpt for me being age 61. In reading the book (not finished yet) I have found I must ask the Christians – yes me – how does a sinner become an outsider when JESUS did nothing but hang out with those very people? Yes inquiring MINDS want to know.

Experiencing some trying times – very challenging times in my life right now I am learning to seek answers from God’s Word FIRST – and I am finding as I ask believers to pray for me that they don’t believe All of GOD’s word – they feel the condition the world is in today is not that bad – as long as folks don’t hurt each other – so two men  or two women have the right to love each other as do a man and a woman – one friend told me Paul wrote most of the Bible not Jesus and Paul is just a man. Most (not all) people who are educated, degreed and pedigreed have obtained so much intelligence that spirituality is outdated and unnecesary. People I know say homosexuality is a phase and it will pass like puberty. New Places N Your Mind.  Would you be willing to ask this generation how they feel about us…US Christians?

We have shut out the sinners no matter what their sin is when the Bible clearly states we should do the opposite. We wonder why suicides are on the rise in our young people, our children are confused about their sexuality, our young men think being bottomless – sagging and swagging – is an honor that deserves recognition. What was the church doing? What is the Church doing?  There is a generation growing up thinking sin is marginalized because Christians are marginalized. They watch us and say….YOU finish that sentence as you go to New Places N Your Mind. Did/Do we welcome the “outsider” in the church – NO! I know had it not been for some saints and family members who JUST WOULD NOT GIVE UP ON ME…when I had given up on me – I would still be an outsider. I used to talk for hours with my former Pastor (now in glory) – Rev. Dr. D.D. Chestang and I’d tell him “Pastor I just can’t get this Christian thang down – folks in the world/streets are not this fake and phoney, back stabbing and deceitful.” He would tell me to read certain scriptures – and I did. He told me once “I wish more members were as honest as you daughter – you really want to be a Christian – that is why you criticize what Christians do or don’t do.” And he was SO RIGHT.

I have been pressing my way since 9.17.77 and just when I think I have been to the hardest place, the lowest valley, I end up realizing “I’ve been on this street b4 – but not at this address.” Pain is the street – a different kind of pain is the address. That is LIFE. I am not….I repeat I AM NOT speaking as a victim baby for I know I am a VICTOR – but I FINALLY GOT IT! it took some longsuffering to get here and I want to encourage the Church to stop keeping human beings OUT of the Church because they don’t look like, act like, dress like YOU/WE WANT THEM TO. Those of us who follow JESUS have an inclination to travel in our minds and see new things that expand our understanding of how JESUS would operate in the world today.

Leaders create experiences that move people to take action – be it positive or negative – right? If you are  leader in your church/ministry – would others want to follow what you create? 

The sinful, unrepenting human beings need to know we were once just LIKE them. If they are not welcomed in the CHURCH (and we are seeing the results of that today) they are RIPENED for the World. New places in your mind must be the results of reading Romans 12 – renewing your mind daily – not when we want to – with whom we want to. You/we as the body of Christ can NOT pick and chose who we witness to. I am learning that the spirit God put in me allows me to constantly step out of my comfort zone, and enter places where Jesus would have went. Jesus misses the sinner, the liar, the murderer, the homosexual, the fornicator, the thief, etc. I notice these people, I pray for them and with them – out loud and silently – they start to trust me – I listen and sometimes cry with them- as they share where they have been and how they got there. New Places in Your Mind.

Witnessing to someone who does not know the Lord is NOT always about talking – but listening and listening some more. When I finish the book and the DVD – I will share more. I do know that as Christians we have compromised way too much instead of emphasizing “Jesus’ Touch.”

New Places N Your Mind – first starts here with me….


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