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Developing through Damage as God Directs your Destiny

Posted on: September 24, 2012

Recently in reflecting over my life and the lives of some other people whom I spiritually coach, I listened as we talked and remember some of the past hurts, pains, lies, etc. that we experienced or we caused others to experience. I went home and pondered even more in my “alone time” and saw some awful things DARIA had done! No one did these things I saw to me, I did the things I was recalling to me. AM I TALKING TO ANYONE OUT THERE?

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you” says the Lord, “They are plans for good and not for disaster. To give you a future and a hope.” We must read the entire book of Jeremiah to understand what is being said and done leading to this particular scripture. Jeremiah knew that the people of Israel had been led into exile in Babylon and he was encouraging them based on what the Lord had told him – for them to settle down, work, marry, have children, plant, harvest etc. He was sharing with them that he was aware of the hard times they were experiencing – “I know it is a rough time, but keep the faith – don’t stop – don’t look back – keep your focus on the liberty and freedom ahead” is what I can just imagine he may have shouted.

Well, read all of Jeremiah and know that this one beautiful verse is “encouraging & engaging” everyone of us to Stay the course. God is using Jeremiah as HIS mouthpiece (he will do that you know). I am telling you – me Daria as Jeremiah reminded the children of Israel ” it may look dark now, but use what you (and me too) we have been given and thank God NOW for the little before GOD can give you and me ALL that HE has for us.

Can we handle ALL God has planned for us? Or do we want all that God has planned for us to be a top dog with other humans, to make them think less of themselves and more of us because we got this, we got there, we know them, etc. Folks this is not an A & B conversation – so go ahead and C your way in this one. I am ministering to me as I speak with you.

So many believers are like the caution light on a traffic signal – they neutral, they don’t go for nothing until they want to and will run a red light at that time (that could mean hurt someone, cut up a person’s character, sleep around to get what they want, steal, lie, cheat, etc.) .They don’t witness or encourage but they on the Willing Workers Ministry group. Then again when the light is red in their life – they don’t stop to think about how God has blessed them to be a blessing to others. Yes, they stay on “caution.”

I was like that, didn’t want to do too much for the Lord, because folks will think I am trying to be too holy – well I am! Didn’t want to step out of my comfort zone as sinful as I had been (and still working on sin issues I might add for I am not perfect – I do serve a perfect GOD) and go desire to excel – not just be average for the Lord, because folks will think I am trying to be somebody – well I am! 

All the twists and turns, tangles and strangles of our lives were for a purpose a BIG PURPOSE. We we were and are Developing through Damage as God Directs our Destiny. Jeremiah 29:11


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