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Posted on: October 22, 2012

When you hear good preaching it is the kind that sets up a fortress for your faith that the enemy can’t penetrate. My Pastor Chad A. White Sr. preached about “Leave it Alone” and I decided to put my name where it belongs in the sermon “LEAVE IT ALONE DARIA.”  His text was Matthew 13:24-30.  Which is the story of the farmer sowing seed. The Farmer did not pick the soil (neither can we) the seed f ell upon but realized all the SOIL would not receive the seed and produce a harvest.

We hear the WORD but do we really listen? The Farmer sows seeds and expects a harvest. Yet the wheat and the tares look alike while they are growing – right? How do we know the difference between a Christian and a Chrisitianette – yeah I made up the word because it signifies that the person is wearing a label – yet living a lie. Christianity is a lifestyle not a life club or a committee.  Whose on the Lord’s side? LEAVE IT ALONE DARIA.”  I know people talk about you and lie on you and you struggle with issues you still must battle – yet recognize that daily the flesh must die and the soil is toiled, turned and transform in preparation for the harvest.  Just like the farmer sows seeds and expects a harvest – the farmer realizes that all that was planted won’t bring a harvest because of the “bad” soil the seed fell on. LEAVE IT ALONE! Plant and witness anyway – no matter what people think – people can’t put you and I in heaven or take us out of hell.

My pastor reminded us today as only he could. LEAVE IT ALONE whatever the struggle, the sin, the challenge, the gossip, the lies, the sickness IS – LEAVE IT ALONE. If you received the WORD and it fell on you – are you the GOOD SOIL? Our hearts represents the type of soil the WORD falls on and some of us are playing church, we talk church, but we don’t live it. Good soil acknowledges that we must repent and  not resent. We/You sing JESUS will Work IT OUT – then LEAVE IT ALONE and let JESUS work IT OUT!

Just like people who are in the hospital are there because they are sick, brothers and sisters who come to church with flaws, faults and fears are in the right Place “LEAVE IT ALONE.That is why I came, I stayed and now I am better, wiser, stronger (SCW baby and yall know what that means). Don’t hate, appreciate the people who scandalize and criticize your name. Who think the church is theirs and they are equal to GOD. LEAVE IT ALONE DARIA! Love the unloveable, forgive the unforgiveable, start with you Daria and let the harvest begin.





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