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Reaching the Last, Lost & Least – that was me

Posted on: November 11, 2012

So often when we come to know the Lord in the pardon of our SINS but we don’t strive to pardon others of THEIR SINS. I don’t know who I am talking to right now but please stop judging others for how they are not because you think you have arrived at where God wants you to be! And like they are not going to reach the same goal – know what God has for me and others – it is for us.

Stop it! If you are not going to help a brother or sister, stop hurting them. You can’t take them out of hell NOR put them in heaven – why judge, why criticize and scorn – WHY study the WORD if you are not going to Work the WORD. The Body of Christ needs all the members – even the members that may not be operating at peak level. Just like today when I got up ACHING…I smiled and thanked God because I GOT UP and GOD Is STILL a GOOD GOD whether or wake up aching or not. Period!

Stop looking at me or us Christians because we are not perfect, pray for us. Pastor preached at a funeral yesterday 11.10.12 about  LIVING IN THE DASH James 4:14-17. The significance of the dash is what matters more than anything. It represents what we do between being born and dying. What did you do while you were “In the Dash?” What did you do in the dash with your anointing, appointing, ability God gave you – did you act high minded and stuck up? Was anyone able to benefit from you being saved? Oh let me remind you right here –BEING SAVED DOES NOT MEAN I AM PERFECT IT VALIDATES I SERVE A PERFECT GOD AND I AM IN HIS PERFECT WILL.  Here are a few scriptures to read on being Saved: Acts 2:38; I Cor 1:17; Ephesians 2:8-9

Yes I am and you are too if you are as honest as me – Developing through Damage as GOD Directs your Destiny – that bears repeating. Are we as the body of Christ reaching the Last, the Lost and the Least? That was me yall – at least in my stinkin thinkin that is how I felt. Yet God has clearly showed me where my calling is and HE does not keep reminding me where my falling was! So you stop! We must work, witness and worship – and not just when we feel like it – while Living In the Dash!

There are 5 seasons (thank you Minister Johnny Vance) – Summer Season, Spring Season, Fall Season, Winter Season and DUE SEASON! It is DUE SEASON – we must reach out, step out and run out of our comfort zones and start REACHING THE LAST, THE LOST AND THE LEAST!  Yeah I am talking to Daria too – You know I wouldn’t give you something to chew on that I have not already digested.


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