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HOW DID I GET HERE? (revised 12.4.13)

Posted on: December 31, 2012

Wanted to share something again with you and show you I am learning HOW LIFE moves whether you do or not. Even though this was a sermon I heard last year – it is still so appropriate NOW. Isn’t that just like the WORD? If you WORK THE WORD – THE WORD WILL WORK!!! Because I care – I share.


Listen Up good people! We are about to embark upon a New Year – right? Yet be mindful that even within the next few moments someone who thought they’d be alive may/will not be. I tell you all the time today is a gift – that is why it is called the present. Let me attempt to prayerfully give you another present from Sharing Ministries (Sharing Ministries which the Lord has put on my heart. Last year (12.30.12 to be exact) my Pastor Rev. Chad A. White, Sr. preached on the topic “HOW DID I GET HERE?” He came from 2 Samuel 22:1-2 and then he PREACHED about David being in a CAVE and obtaining COURAGE while he was being sought to be killed by Saul. What is trying to kill you? . I thought about my life – just this year even. HOW DID I GET HERE? Yes, I have asked myself and thanked God during the questioning period about that very matter – that very question. How did someone who was tore up from the floor up (as we say) and either too much of that and not enough of this – get HERE.

How did the sometimes violent isolation become my victorious elevation? HOW DID I GET HERE? Through divorce, death, defeat, detriment; through foreclosure, bankruptcy, teen pregnancy, layoff, lay ups, surgeries and sickness; through church mess and debt stress; family feuds, bad customer service, intoxicating lustful relationships, through weight loss and weight gain (physically and emotionally) – yes ALL of that! HOW DID I GET HERE?  I know I am not the only one that is this transparent – or am I? I tell my story so GOD will continue to get the GLORY. Now I am not going to attempt in this communication to tell who DAVID was read the Bible and find out please for he was a man after God’s heart (as I am a woman after God’s heart). But I will make it clear that while David was in the cave he wrote from his hurting heart (I do that too)  – from the pounding pain he wrote The Psalm – look at in particular #27, 37, 57 , 90 and 142 (all of it). How could he write such powerful prolific words in the cave of his life – where he was sought to be destroyed; he was afraid and he was guilty and ashamed? His pain had PURPOSE! HOW DID I GET HERE? is what David was asking – but while he was down, he looked up and prayed, praised and cried his way through…I did too (and still do). You see God has a strange way of allowing us to encounter pits, & prisons (not just physical prisons) before we are capable/able of reaching the palaces in places of purpose that HE has prepared! I KNOW! How can I help someone hurting from what pains I’ve experienced if I allow those pains to keep be in chains?   If I continue to give people power to hold me captive in my past? If I continue to hinder my prayers because I won’t forgive others as I first learn to FORGIVE ME?  HOW DID I GET HERE? I am here now where I can: forgive instantly, I cry constantly, I repent immediately, I fight to keep my faith repeatedly and I share continuously. HOW DID I GET HERE? It was hard, it wasn’t pretty a lot of times but I finally Got it! God still has his hands on me and you. In spite of my mistakes and miseries, HE created miracles. He developed me through damage as HE directed my destiny! I must tell you how I got here so I can help you come from there. It was never about me anyway. If I only had miracles to share, would you really care? You see in the cave(s) of my life God showed me what I must let go of in order to LET HIM DO A GREAT WORK in me for HIM. He reduced me over and over again to increase me and help me win. HOW DID I GET HERE? God Did it. Grace and Mercy kept me! And it ain’t over til GOD says it is over. Won’t you allow HIM to help you be the person you can’t be on your own? It is never your position that will matter or the people whom you flatter. You have purpose – God has the POWER. Put your natural with HIS Super and experience what only HE can SHOWER! HOW DID I GET HERE? YOU AND YOU HELPED GET HERE – EVEN IF YOUR MOTIVES WERE TO STOP ME – YOU HELPED ME GET HERE! THANK YOU! 


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