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Were You “There” When They Crucified My Lord?

Posted on: March 31, 2013

Reflecting on the life and death of  my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I couldn’t help but think what would I had been doing if I were There! Even though I wasn’t physically There I can only imagine how I would have been feeling or acting that day. I think if I were There my story would go something like this:


If I were There

I thought to myself Jesus, is really dying and in the crowd I am watching him die and listening to all the people talk good and bad about him. I walk closer to the Cross where I see Mary – his mother and the rest of his family as well as the disciples – all huddled together sobbing and praying. Pharisees are taunting Jesus, other humans are making fun (cursing like crazy) of Jesus and his followers. Jesus was There because He loved me and like some of the other people who were guilty and should have been hanging on that cross – I was being pardoned that day for all the wrong, nasty, low down mess I had done. Yes my past, present and future was covered There. 

As I kept watching and listening – looking at Jesus and the two thieves dying. I wondered about the lives of the thief who at the last hour was intelligent enough to ask for Jesus to remember him when he gets to the kingdom. Jesus made a promise that day to that man – that he’d be in paradise with him (sooner that not).  I thought to myself “I have that same promise.”

Jesus’ flesh was crucified that day for me and that is why He was There. I stood there pondering how I too, laughed and mocked Jesus and his teachings before I knew him for myself. I thought like the Pharisees and acted like them too.  I thought as I kept walking through the loud, raunchy crowd, I was glad I met Jesus and he told me things about me that I had never known or wanted to admit – there were terrible things too. He let me know because he was There I could face tomorrow and find freedom from all my sins. Because he was There I would have to die daily (as He demonstrated through his life on earth – he never sinned like me) to me and not let anyone tell me who I am or how many rules and regulations I must keep to be a Christian. I wasn’t a sour one hour Christian, I was a power bright flower Christian.  End of thought

The Present

Because Jesus was  There I am here today going through and coming up a little higher once I do. I am caring and sharing, finding strength in struggles, crying and trying, laughing and loving, living and learning. Yes I could go on and on telling you what I have now – what you have now because Jesus was There. Today if you don’t know it yet, Jesus went There then so we can live here now. If you don’t know HIM, it is not too late. Today is a good day on Easter 2013 to ask Jesus to come into your life. I want to urgently and with enthusiasm and energy extend this invite for you to come to Jesus now. Turn from your ways now. Forgive yourself and others now. Fight for your faith now.

The Staple Singers made a song called “I’ll Take You There” and that is a good song with an even better meaning to finish with.

Happy Easter world!


1 Response to "Were You “There” When They Crucified My Lord?"

Thank you Lord for waking me up with this message. No wonder I couldn’t sleep. Smiling

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