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Posted on: July 5, 2013

I got up today after completing my 5 am (fun, faith filled and furious) workout with Nashanda Peeples (btw – thanks to whomever that was that called me at 4:09 am – I didn’t answer – but it got me up for I wasn’t planning on going.) When I got home I had all this energy. Yet I was physically sore and hurting. Which is indicative of progress. I thought “Am I a human being or a human doing?” I went outside and started cutting down weeds, branches and trimming my rose bush. As I trimmed the rose bush as pretty as it is – I kept getting stuck – I wanted to stop – but I become more determined after each “stick” to finish the job. “Wow this bush is pretty & healthy but it takes some painful trimming for it to stay that way” I said out loud. And I had never worked in my yard as I have done since Todd died on 8.8.07 (my husband). Allow me to share what God whispered to me to share with you (not gonna tell you all of our conversation – smiles) 

“Daria, whenever you have the opportunity tell others the beauty I see in you when you don’t see it in yourself – they need to know I see beauty in them too. Daria, I have had to allow you to hurt (the trimming, testing, pruning, pricking, cutting, cultivating) to bring out more of what I PUT in you. Most of the pain you brought upon yourself – yet I used your mess (I will never bless it) as a message – your message is now my/your ministry. Daria, be a witness for me ANYTIME, ANYWHERE with ANYBODY. Risk your reputation to recommend mine. Daria, when life and/or people throw dirt – learn to plant flowers in it.”

Pieces of Me! So I conclude with a summary (in case you didn’t get it): Someone died so I could see clearly on my cloudy days. Thank you JESUS! Dirt/hurt is needed for growth. Growth comes from and goes through a process which is often painful. The painful pieces, is where glory releases. These pieces create the PURPOSE! The PURPOSE displays the PROMISE! and the PROMISE gives you the POWER!


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