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Desire, Determination, Destiny

Posted on: July 28, 2013

Embarking upon another day I can now truly say I love my “me time” for it gives me MORE TIME WITH GOD. Something I often couldn’t do rearing my 3 daughters, but something I was forced to love and understand after the death of my wonderful husband Todd Stone, Sr in 2007(8.8.07). I wanted to share with you in case you have not found the time to STOP the business of the world and START the beauty of the WORD. Yes, I would be lying if I said I liked being a widow, being alone after never being alone in a home all of my life. However, I know I AM NEVER ALONE – I just get lonely…period, point blank. I have learned to trust GOD so much – that I get revived daily knowing “He’s got my back, front, side, top and bottom – yes HE has great plans for Daria.” I have this desire, and determination to reach my destiny. 

I was scared, fearful – even as forceful and faithful as I am – I do get weary in well doing. If you don’t – then pray for me – don’t prey on me. There were and are days when I say to God “I don’t want to fight another day.” Be honest – so do you. “Where the spirit of the Lord is – there is liberty.” (2 Cor 3:17 – but read the entire chapter please). That scripture (among others) is one of my mantras for life. (definition of mantra:  mantra is a word or sound that serves as a focal point for certain types of meditation. In certain religious groups, a mantra is used to achieve spiritual transformation. In psychology, mantras may be used to achieve a hypnotic trance, or simply to quickly reach a point of deep relaxation)

As I recall what God has brought me from, out of, into – I know I will make it to the FINISH LINE. So today, the gift of the present, I remind you in love, that our Desire to be a follower of Christ does have a lot to do with our Determination not to quit. God knows our Destiny – follow HIM always. No matter how it looks my brothers and sisters (sons and daughters I have spiritually adopted and vice versa); Your Desire to follow Christ, illustrates your Determination to fight – to run on and see what the end is going to be! God has already showed us we win in the end – no matter what the beginning, or middle is. He has the final answer HE knows our DESTINY.

On my way!!!Image

Remember, I never give you something to chew on that I have not already digested!


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Ms. Dee, through god you are lifting up so many people. I thank the Lord for having you in my life at this time. Much Love

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