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2013 Daria’s Year In Review

Posted on: December 31, 2013


From me 2 YOU

Daria’s 2013 Year in Review

DARIA DILLARD STONE – The Servant \December 31, 2013


Thanks to you all for helping get to the end of 2013 in a Grand/GODLY way!!  I may miss your name here but you know who are! I especially thank you if you even tried to hinder me from finishing strong in 2013. I need people like you to remind me to stay humble, healthy and holy no matter what. I especially thank those 3 PRECIOUS DAUGHTERS GOD gave me – Keisha Chanee’, Katoshi Kenyata and Billi Nicol.  Something I am getting ready to do now is share my year in review and thank GOD for bringing me through. I thank my Pastor Chad A. White who has been a MAJOR part of my growth spiritually and professionally.  Elley our first lady and my spiritual daughter has been a person that I have leaned on (along with others).  Both of them keep it real and relevant and I need that to endure. What does the WORD say about enduring?  John 16:33 Jesus says” I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” Leading into this year 2013 I was injured from a fall (left leg) that occurred on 12.30.12 at a family dinner. I ended up in a great deal of pain (but I had my Prayer Warriors Celeste Rucker and Rev. Denise Gilmore as examples that I could be in worse shape so DON’T QUIT). I buried 2 dear cousins – Troy Roebuck and George Kelley- and that was hard. JANUARY 2 I started a series of tests and new meds and therapy for the injury done to my left leg (thigh and ankle included) Also – in January a dear friend and former supervisor – Susie Sacksteder Henize went to glory. My sister Ronda was put under Hospice care at Friendship Village.  I am still volunteering at VA Hospice now since 2007. My grandson Kemet; sister Tonya celebrated their birthdays on the same day – 17th. And my sister and her husband M/M Pilch celebrated their 25 or 26 Anniversary) FEBRUARY – the 4th to be exact I started a February Fitness (Faith) Challenge with MoBetterMe. Since I was going to hurt anyway I felt I could hurt and see some positive results if I keep it moving.  MARCH on March 2 – I was escorted to the WiBN Gala for the Top 25 Women To Watch Yes, I said “escorted” by a friend whom I have known since 1981. First date folks!!! It was exciting. More importantly was of course MY FAMILY supported me (Tonya my sister, Katoshi Kenyata my daughter, Nicole who is Katoshi’s bestie, dear friend John Meixner,  Mayor Gary Lietzell and his lovely wife, Churchill “Wes” –  Wes and I were also representing The Mustard Seed Foundation at the same time.) I thank Shondale Atkinson Hale for nominating me for this prestigious recognition. WiBN has been good for my growth in all areas of my life. March is full of family birthdays! My daughter Billi 3-8 (and my God daughter Lawanna Haskins on 3.1) and my mom – Norma on 3.27 AND – I was blessed and highly favored to see another birthday/worthday on 3.5 – I am now 62!  APRIL  got new living room furniture – a blessing indeed for it was free!! I was one of the guests at the VA Hospice ribbon cutting for their new Hospice facility.  MAY Was blessed to read scripture on Dayton Courthouse Square for National Day of Prayer. Was one of the servant leaders recognized/honored as “Christian Women Rock” Love & Unity event a recognition ministry by Abundant Life Christ Centered Ministries Church (Rachelle Payne thank you). I served as Mistress of Ceremony for the NCNW Dayton Section “Ladies of the 80’s” Breakfast Recognition (for queens who are over 80 and making a difference in our community/world) held at the Mandalay. I was also the workshop presenter at Peoples Community Church (4th year). JUNE was honored to serve on the hard working committee with other servant leaders in preparation for my Pastor’s 40th Birthday Party.  I served as 8th grade graduation speaker for Horizon Charter School on Monmouth Street. I was honored to give a short inspirational message at WiBN 5th Anniversary Luncheon (Racquet Club). Celebrated my 45th Class Reunion – Roosevelt High School Class of 68 is GREAT! And hosted on the same day as the reunion dinner – along with others the Mt. Carmel Beloved Brunch (both events were at the Crowne Plaza). My oldest daughter Keisha celebrated her birthday June 30th and it is always a blessing to see my children celebrate life. JULY I regret I had to attend the funeral of a dear friend – Mr. Bruce Manson. I was blessed to serve as a workshop presenter at Mt. Enon M.B. Church Youth Ministry “Turnt Up For Jesus.” I continue to work on the website God gave me – Sharing Ministries; make online tapings for the radio show (I have been doing for 3 years and the program ends December of 2013) . Communicate through various social media venues and keep those wonderful grand children of mine. And my Braelyn turned 11 in July as well.  AUGUST This month I realized how close me and my brothers Kevin, Gilbert (Dwayne) Dwight and Jonathan have become. My daughter Katoshi Kenyata celebrated her birthday.  I made a presentation to the Juvenile Court Probation Officers on involving parents in the education process of their children. Did a second TBN TV presentation in Richmond Indiana on PACE and was asked to be a host for the show – but I can’t at this time. Thank you Linda Hawkins who wrote the book “Real Women Do Sweat” Rick Poole, Donna Partow (author of Becoming the Woman God Wants Me To Be – Proverbs 31), Dr. Rhonda Bass and Tawna Richard for the support and education I am getting on being healthier. Read the book The Circle Makers which was a great gift from my friend Jeanne Porter, President of WiBN. The book is Life changing – let me just say that. Read it along with your Bible of course. My step mother Minnie Dillard and I are closer than ever and she was blessed to turn have a birthday in August too.  SEPTEMBER Sharing Ministries turned 3 years old and you have to see it to know IT IS GOD and a labor of love that made its debut Labor Day weekend in 2010. I was honored to be a presenter at the 20th year celebration of Sister To Sister Conference at Sinclair College along with Shondale Atkinson Hale (my spiritual daughter) launching “Pieces Of Me Ministry.” I had a very creative young lady named Shanta “Sparkle” Hawkins make special ‘love bags” for the attendees – I was her first customer. I attended an Advance Your Message Retreat at Restoration Ranch (here in Ohio) and will never be the same. The only living SWATS member and dear friend of Todd’s named Charles “Buddy” Evans celebrated being 94 years young and I took him some balloons and flowers. Don’t want folks to think they are forgotten – do we? I was blessed to minister at Emmanuel M.B. Church for their Women’s Day Ministry Program. OCTOBER What a new experience I had when I was blessed to minister at Prices Creek Church of the Brethren in West Manchester, Ohio. My sister Tonya went with me and I can’t begin to explain how God moved and we both learned that there is certainly more than one way to worship! And we really need to stop putting so much emphasis on “denomination.” NOVEMBER was the speaker for the 5th year in a row for the Veterans Memorial Service on Sunday, November 3, 2013. On November 3, 1991 Todd and I married (yes on a Sunday) and I felt the need to have support so I asked – I just wasn’t sure I could do it folks. But GOD!!! My Pastor, mother, sister, daughter Billi and grand children, sister Tonya Dillard, Julia Ewing (my bestie), Mareka (whom I met 3 years ago at VA Hospice –this was her first memorial service in 3 years), Donna Parrish, Andrea Cummings (my high school classmate), Tonya Todd (pres of NCNW) and some folks I didn’t even know were there. Who would have thought a place like the VA Hospice that caused me so much pain and sorrow is now a light in my path…God is something!  DECEMEBER I am elated that our family will celebrate my first grandchild/daughter’s 21st birthday! She will be 21 on 12.20.13. Wow God is so faithful! Finally, but definitely not the end of my year – I realized I started a journal so I can see how the fall that I had to contend with during the first part of the year – hurt and also helped me. On December 4, 2013 I reached the 365th day – yes I would journal each day whether in pain or praise, whether up or down. It was amazing I could get this far – BUT GOD! Did I know that I had reached day 365 – no! I got up that morning and was determined to attend 5 am workout class – yes it was cold – I went and Nashanda Peeples gave me a hug (because I had not been in a while) that I really can’t describe and she hugs me all the time – but this hug was different and lingering and I NEEDED IT. I had made it to day 365 after that “so called” crippling fall. You talking about a challenge! BUT I wanted to help ME-Daria in a way I never had before. I know now why God had allowed me to attend the workshops, retreats, pray and praise the way I had this year in particularly. I fought harder and harder to keep going. I made it – God knew I would.  Life is worth living but you got to have Trust while Trembling!!!  I am reminded of this scripture for I had to do this over and over:  Philippians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Remember: To have something you have never had you must do something you have never done!!!


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You are truly a blessing in the life of so many people (including me). I am so grateful that you have chosen obedience to God’s word and his will. He is definitely positioning you for greater. Be encouraged because the best is yet to come. Thanks for all you do.

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