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2014 “There is still Courage in the Cracks! (pay close attention to the words in bold)

Posted on: January 10, 2015

Happy New Year! Many challenges and celebrations occurred in my life the last six months of 2014 and as I pondered on what to share with you – I realized that this previous post is so appropriate still. Sure it is lengthy but I hope you take the time to carefully read and digest the message I am sharing – I pray it blesses you as it is blessing me to know “it is good to be seen in 2015!


In 2013 I was trying to clean my tub around the crack/crevices and just couldn’t get the residue from bathing and  showering over the years to look clean again. I purchased some bath filler in the color of my tub which is “white” to make it look clean and that worked – for awhile. After some years I said I would call Bath Fitters and just pay for a new tub because I couldn’t stand seeing the “dirt” that had accumulated. HOLD UP – that is similar – quite similar to my faith walk. I have tried to dig and dig in my heart and mind as I study God’s Word and Worship to make matters look white, or clean and it does for awhile and then the dirt accumulates again and I start the process all over. It would be easier to pay and let someone else do the work…but that won’t work in our faith walk, in our witness. Would it?  No one can do what GOD has purposed for us to do. And there is a process in proclaiming our purpose!

I am always striving to find out what I need to constantly improve and work on and sometimes I don’t see nothing wrong with me because there is always “another reason or person” that causes the challenges I may be experiencing. Cleaning the cracks (crevices) of the tub – illustrated in my “think out of the box” mind that I must do the same thing. I have found Courage in the Cracks – the cracks of my life! Was it easy? Heck no. Do I like finding courage in the cracks? NO NO and NO again! Will I stop searching, seeking, strengthening as I find courage in the cracks of my life? – NO! Got to press my way every day.

You nor I can cover up, paint over, or pretend life is what it isn’t – relationships are what they are not.  Do yall feel me? You know I would never give you something to chew on that I have not already digested – and these last few days, I have had spiritual indigestion more often than I want to admit. Just keeping it 100 with you all.

As I free myself from myself and not allow the enemy to tangle up consequences and/or circumstances – even trying to hold me bound to my past – and making matters worse than they are – I want to share and help you too – is that alright with you? Courage in the cracks symbolized to me TODAY that each day is a renewing of the mind – if I allow my mind to be renewed and NOT bring what happened in the past to hold me hostage in my present and rob me of my future I can find courage in the cracks. My GOD – He is going to do for me what I can’t do for myself – but I must allow that to happen. I still must go deep into the cracks of my life and heart and find courage I thought was never there. I wasn’t digging deep enough or moving slow enough when I was trying to get the “hard places” cleaned on my tub.

Today I got up (with a renewed mind ) and looked at that same tub and wanted to try again to clean those cracks. So instead of being in a hurry, rushing and being frustrated – I got a cloth and slowly and deliberately started wiping. Then I took the cloth, and added a solution on it and took my finger nail and went deeper into the cracks. To my amazement – it started getting cleaner and cleaner – whiter and whiter. So for longer than I want to admit – I kept cleaning, slowly seeing the results I thought could not be seen. Let me park and pause here. Can you look at some of the words in bold and put together the message I am prayerfully trying to share?

I need – digging deep enough – moving slow – “hard places” – added a solution – renewed mind –  try again – “gently”  – deeper into the crack – slowly seeing the results!

I need to tell myself as I share with you that you can find courage in the cracks if you and I keep digging deep enough, don’t rush – God is not in a hurry so we can’t be. Always moving slow you will discover the hard places. Let God be the added solution to ANY situation and get a renewed mindtry again, don’t be hard on yourself – do it gently. Now go deeper into the crack of that problem or person and discover your part – what you must do to make it right even if not forgiven – make it right. I guarantee in the name of JESUS – You start let’s start slowly seeing the results.

Yes, there is Courage in the Cracks!

Work willingly at whatever you do as though you were working for the Lord rather than for man.” Colossians 3:23 NLT

Daria Dillard Stone, The Servant – Sharing Ministries LLC

893 S. Main Street #215 – Englewood, OH 45322 – 937.545.5926

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4 Responses to "2014 “There is still Courage in the Cracks! (pay close attention to the words in bold)"

Doing what God tells me to – obedience is better than sacrifice.

Great message of encouragement Ms Daria. May God bless, keep and forever use you!

Bless you my friend…for your words of encouragement as well. Encouraging saints NEED to be encouraged by other saints…you just did that for me Angela. Hugs and kisses


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