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Posted on: April 14, 2015

What does DELIVERED mean to you? Have you ever really thought about the advantages or disadvantages of being DELIVERED? I want to share something with you – and do keep in mind that I will never give you something to chew on that I have not already DIGESTED! When I decided to become a Christian I thought that deliverance would be a benefit not requiring much work from me. I figured it would just “happen” all I needed to do was get up each morning and feel DELIVERED. But it isn’t like that at all.

Let me be more specific  – when I say I am DELIVERED – I am because I made a conscious decision to stop acting like I am running things in my life and maybe yours. I decided to follow Jesus, and in doing so I discovered I had to bear a cross too. So I guess one could say being a child of God is a blessing and a burden. No one told me being DELIVERED (SAVED) would require Daria to die daily to what Daria wants (if it doesn’t line up with the Bible) and when I would hear the preacher or teacher (or just in conversation) say “one must die daily to self in order to fully walk in the light” I figured they were not serious – they were making conversation. Yeah – right!

There are many definitions for DELIVERED  and one is “To surrender to another; to give in or hand over.” What does being DELIVERED mean in religious terms? Glad you asked. Delivered in the Bible can be defined as ” being freed from danger, bondage or even death.” The Bible depicts being DELIVERED as what God did when HE rescued the Israelites from Pharaoh – taking his people out of the midst of danger/trouble and away from the enemy (I Samuel 17:37-38; Psalm 7:2 and 18:16-20)

In closing I want to be transparent in sharing with you that I had no idea that being a Christian would be so hard – yes I said it – HARD! Yet, that is exactly what I am – not so religious that I judge others or even debate with why I am WHO GOD MADE ME! I desire to have a closer than close relationship with my Lord and walk in harmony with my fellowman. Being DELIVERED makes me a better friend, mother, sibling, minister, relative, co-worker and servant to you. When I say I am a Christian I am saying I am not perfect but I serve a PERFECT GOD. Allow me to break it down for you:

I am DELIVERED because I no longer live to impress people – I was created to please GOD

I am DELIVERED because now I can look at myself the way GOD does and not be concerned with what others think I am or can’t be

I am DELIVERED because I understand that the greatest position or title I can have is SERVANT

I am DELIVERED because I can NOW love my enemies (that was HARD)

I am DELIVERED for I no longer react to the lust of my flesh (you got to think about that one)

Yes, I am DELIVERED which makes me more DETERMINED to break every chain that binds me from being ALL GOD says I am (or can be). SCW baby! (Strength-Courage and Wisdom)


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