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Posted on: April 4, 2017

What Are the Benefits of being in a Mastermind Group?

By Minister Daria Dillard Stone

April 4, 2017

Trust me “there are benefits belonging to a mastermind group” because you are surrounding yourself with likeminded individuals who are comfortable being “above average.” A mastermind group will help you become sharper with the tools you already have and show you how to play to win – not just be in the game of life – but the group helps you win with less stress. Others are willing to share what they know with you because you are successful because the group is successful. It kind of like “all for one and one for all.”

You are blessed to make real connections with folks you may not have ever met. In the group you even share your personally challenges and/or successes because the members of the group care for you – they are not trying to use what you bring to the table and then kick you to the curve. The group can actually make you raise the bar for yourself because they can define and debate issues of being successful by telling what they have already discovered “will not work.” So it saves you from going out in the world and making the mistakes the members have warned you about.

The group should challenge you, encourage you, engage you, educate you, excite you, and respect you. If you are thinking about joining a mastermind group – do your homework – find out the why, who, what, where and when of the group. You may have some things in common but not be on the same page as it relates to your entrepreneurial goals. I feel only serious individuals join a mastermind group – you are going to be sacrificing your time, energy and money to participate in the group so why not get ALL you can obtain. The people in mastermind groups are willing to share with you what they have learned, what they feel is acceptable and not acceptable. They will tell you the fears they have to face and give pointers on why you should be your own cheerleader but you don’t have to cheer all by yourself.  It’s okay to be doubtful about what you think you can achieve. You will have more power, resources and connections if you are affiliated with the “right” mastermind group.

Finally I would like to close saying this: A career is what you are paid for. A “calling” is what you are made for.

Believe that you are made to be successful and go after that belief with determination and patience. Invest in you – you are worth it!



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