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Because I care - I share

Because I care – I share

“I must say I am amazed and ever so grateful at how God keeps using me – to lift, love and lead others to their purpose as I struggle to continue finding mine.  I have an audience of ONE and it is that ONE that gets all the glory not to Daria! ”   Daria Dillard Stone

Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”  Colossians 3:23 NLT


Ms. Stone is humbly honored to be a sought after Minister/Speaker, Parent Consultant, Vocalist, Women Workshop Leader and Parent/Family Advocate consultant. Daria says “One of my mottos is “BECAUSE I CARE – I SHARE.” She feels strongly that people don’t care about how much you know – they want to know how much you care! Serving others with joy and passion resonates in her spirit.  She has been asked to serve MORE (motivational and/or spiritual conferences, etc.) since starting the website God gave her vision and provision for called “Sharing Ministries” launched Labor Day in 2010 by Mrs. Stone as a labor of love in honor/memory of her late husband Todd Stone, Sr. God took away the pain of that grief and now the SM Ministry exist to encourage/engage and empower women/families to be champions of courage, causes and positive change in their personal, professional or spiritual lives.

Mrs. Stone is currently (since 2014) the Parent Advocate Consultant for Dayton Public Schools. Formerly she was Program Manager of Parents Advancing Choice in Education – PACE (Center for College Access & Completion) for approximately 14 years.  She worked 15 years at the Dayton Urban League in various capacities – always SERVING OTHERS. She is a skilled parent/student advocate; grassroots community organizer/advocate; certified Family Development Specialist (by the National Resource Center for Family Centered Practice & University of Iowa School of Social Work) and she serve on many boards. Currently she serves on the following: The Mustard Seed Foundation, Women in Business Networking as an Ambassador and CARE Chair.  She is one of the presenters of the nationally known Sister to Sister Conference (Founder Dr. Karen Townsend) and was one of the recipients of the Kizzy Award (in Chicago/2001 – an award Oprah Winfrey and Mae Jamison have both been honored with). “I know how the world can give you titles and take them away – but my most honored titled is that of SERVANT” states Ms. Stone.

In 2016 WiBN recognized Ms. Stone with the “AMBASSADOR OF THE YEAR AWARD.”  February 2012 she was awarded “Top 25 Women to Watch in 2012” by Women in Business Network/WiBN. Candidates come from a notable list of exceptional women who are respected in their field and are causing more than a ripple in the public arena. “WiBN has showed me no small effort ever goes unnoticed” states Daria. Daria Dillard Stone is a gifted vocalist, and has performed with Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, the Dayton Philharmonic, various community musicals/concerts  and been a featured vocalist with Women N Jazz series.  She is a Minister and active member of Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church, where Rev. Chad A. White Sr. is Pastor; she has three adult daughters (Keisha Lane & Katoshi Varner & Mrs. Billi Lytle Ewing (Toby) and 4 grandchildren – who all reside in Dayton.

A Few Acomplishments 

February 2010 “Woman of Integrity Award “Abigail’s Journey Incorporated/Grace United Methodist Church. Others: May 2009 “Mary Scott Legacy Award” February 2004 “The Heart of Gold Award” from the Eta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. Lambda Chapter. June 2003 “The Virginia Walden-Ford Parent Leadership Award” – an award from Children First America, for outstanding service to recruit, organize, train and lead parents to greater educational freedom. June 2001 recipient of the Kizzy Award in Chicago, IL for community service, public image, professional achievements and personal integrity as an inspiration to others, and positive role model for America’s youth. Oprah Winfrey and Mae Jamison have also received this award.Powered By Success Book



Mrs. Stone was awarded the first Leadership Award from The Mustard Seed Foundation (served 5 years), she is a Volunteer at Veterans Administration Center/VA Hospice,   and has served over the years on various boards or advisory committees including: Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley (as VP & Sec. of the Board.), Big Brothers/Sisters, Inc., Miami Valley Adult Literacy Council; Camp Fire Girls; was honored (along with her 3 daughters) by the Ohio Department of Human Services as one of the Outstanding Families of the Year.


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This is a blog for individuals who want to be restored, revived, refreshed, reminded and/or redeemed. I can’t do all that, but it can be done. I believe in the Bible – Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. As your author – I want to share and invite you to share also.

Let’s take back everything the enemy has stolen! Let’s stay in the FOG – Favor Of God! We want real JOY – Jesus Opening You!
And we do have GAS – God’s Awesome Spirit.

James 1:1-5

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